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Going all in Friends Only

Well, I've just recently come to realize that all my posts now-a-days are "Friends Only" posts. I might as well just announce it to anyone who isn't a LJ friend, and is interested in actually reading my LJ.

So if you're interested in reading my Livejournal, just friend me on LJ and uh... be amazed.
Pretty much I lead a boring life, and out of all my productiveness... I cam out with this Photoshop master piece... its not really a masterpiece.

Yay for creativity.
A very similar version of this is my new "Friends only" Banner.
I've been meaning to update this, but I guess I always get sidetracked whenever I try to.

Let's see... a brief update of the last couple days...

Christmas night, I was wicked bored so being Asian and lacking Christmas tradition, I dragged my fellow Asian friend Amy Lin out to go see a movie. The original plan was to go see Stranger then Fiction in Kendall Square, but we changed our mind and decided to drive into Boston and hang out. So I drove Amy's car.. like usual, into Boston and parked in Chinatown. Big surprise? We then wandered around.... took a bunch of random pictures of me infront of various holiday things, and ended up seeing a movie instead at the theater by Boston common. We saw Night at the Museum instead... and it was cute. You know can't say much about Ben Stiller being stuck in the Natural Museum of History.. where apparently history literally comes to life at night. Overall, it was a pretty fun night.

Today, I went shopping to do some last minute returns with Paul, and ate dinner at Uno's. I then proceeded to see a movie in Lowell, where we met up with Shayne and his friend and saw The Good Shepard when we originally were going to see The Pursuit of Happiness. Lets just say I was not in the mood to see that movie. It was long and kinda boring... because it wasn't too climatic... at all. Yea. thats about it.

Besides that, I haven't done much stuff... pretty much editing random photos on photoshop and making facebook groups.

Jill is planning on coming over to the East side for her bday. I really hope she does because that would be awesome to see her!

End Story.

Yay for random quizzes.

I totally got the same thing as Renae, haha.

The Sonnet
Deliberate Gentle Love Dreamer (DGLDf)

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My profile name: Kpho012
The limited amount of food in my house has left me with not many choices today. Therefore, I decided to satisfy my hunger with a bagel and peanut butter. Only to discover that we didn't have any peanut butter, which came to a shocker to me. I seriously thought about how common peanut butter was, and how we managed to only have an expired jar of crunchy peanut butter in the fridge. God forbid that it is still peanut butter no matter how old it is, but I was really disappointed. It wasn't until I managed to put the cream cheese on my bagel that I realized we did have peanut butter. Goddamnit. In result, I mixed both peanut butter and cream cheese on my bagel, which I soon realized was pretty damn disgusting and threw it out no more thne 2 minutes after making it.

True Story

I guess tonight I'll resort to the Ramen noodles. It's a fail safe idea that almost every Asian is guranteed to have in their home.

Yay christmas!

Besides that, my mom is working and my sister went to her BFs house for X-Mas.. but I got some cool shit.

A few cds and dvds, lots of random socks, an external hardrive, and a FM/AM radio dock thingy for my ipod. I'm thinking about exchanging the External Hardrive for a better one, since my mom is not technologically inclined.

So I'm pretty damn bored right now, and Ramen noodles is looking like a pretty good dinner to me at this point. Sooo hope you are all having a Rockin' X-Mas, and happy holiday season!

Happy Holidays!

So, I just finished packing all my stuff, and well I guess I have some time to kill. I am bringing back so much stuff x_x, I know my dad will have something to say because.. he always has something to say.

I'm going to miss the 'burg, but especially all the people I'm used to seeing almost everyday. I'm going to miss the freedom and independence. I still haven't gotten my parents to put my name on the insurance for any of the cars. So as far as I know, I'm going to be car less for all vacation.. which is going to suck major ass. It's bad enough that I'm going to be home, but now my lack of being able to leave is going to make things feel ten times worse.

I keep having the chronic feeling that I'm forgetting something, but hopefully I didn't.

I hope I'm able to see some of my FSC buds over break, and of course hang out with my Chelmford friends as well.
Of course, I have to mention that I really hope to see Eliot sometime over break, even though he lives almost over and hour away. I'm sure we'll figure something out.

On that note, I think I'm going to check my mail for one last time and perhaps invade Aubie to see if anyone is left. *tear tear*

I can't wait to go back, and I'm not even gone.
Looks like quizzes make a good tool for procrastination.

Benevolent Leader

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